Vietnam: West Virginians Remember

The experiences of 5 West Virginia combat servicemen in Vietnam.

Vietnam: West Virginians Remember
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Made possible in part by a grant from West Virginia Humanities Council

Paul Casto, in his own words - Bonus Short

Dave Evans

Meet Dave Evans from Cabin Creek, West Virginia. In this video, he remembers his time serving in Vietnam.

Mossie Wright

Mossie Wright of Bunker Hill, West Virginia discusses his time in the U.S. Army infantry, and how that 12-month tour as a combat soldier impacted the rest of his life.

Vietnam: West Virginians Remember

A documentary from West Virginia Public Broadcasting featuring the experiences of 5 West Virginia combat veterans. Per capita, West Virginians served the most and died the most in Vietnam. It lives on as America’s most controversial war – with questions unanswered, lessons not learned, and for veterans who survive, including thousands of West Virginians, haunting memories remain.

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A Note From The Producer

When PBS announced Ken Burns’ series The Vietnam War would air this fall, we realized it presented a special opportunity for WVPB to to tell West Virginia's Story.

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