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WVPB Livestream Channel

WVPB Livestream is designed for cord cutters and others in West Virginia who can't receive our signal by antenna, cable, or satellite. Watch live TV on your computer or using the PBS App on your Roku device. This is a national TV feed, so some local programs are not available.


What is this? The WVPB Livestream Channel is live streaming PBS TV for those living in West Virginia. It's free to watch in your browser, or using the PBS App on your Roku device.

Where are the WVPB local programs? WVPB Livestream is a national feed from PBS, and does not contain any WVPB local programming at this time. We are looking at options to make them available in the future. If you would like to see our local programming here, please let us know by sending an email to

Where is the program schedule? We hope to make a program schedule for WVPB Livestream available soon.

Can I watch outside of West Virginia? WVPB Livestream is only available to those who are located inside of West Virginia. Your local PBS station may be offering a similar service soon. If you are living inside of West Virginia and can't watch WVPB Livestream, please let us by sending an email to