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American Graduate Painters Training

American Graduate Painters Training, earn a wage while training to be a painter.

American Graduate Iron Workers

American Graduate Iron Workers, see what Iron Workers do and what kind of training is available.

American Graduate Carpenters Training

American Graduate Carpenters Training, hear what it is like to participate in the Carpenters' Apprenticeship program.

American Graduate, West Virginia, Part. 1

American Graduate: Building West Virginia's Workforce

American Graduate: Building West Virginia's Workforce.
As the Mountain State's skilled workforce ages and manufacturing evolves to use technology, there are job opportunities in West Virginia that require some training or certification, but not a 4-year degree.
West Virginia Public Broadcasting takes a look at the career pathways that are available in West Virginia. The program explores some of the

American Graduate, West Virginia, Part 2.

American Graduate Training and Apprenticeships

Part two of our series on job opportunities in West Virginia takes a look at training and apprenticeships as a pathways to employment.

American Gradute: Getting to Work

American Graduate: Getting To Work

WVPB received a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to help advance education and career readiness in West Virginia. We are working with community partners throughout the state to assess workforce challenges and opportunities, and to produce content highlighting individuals as they pursue a variety of pathways leading to high-demand jobs and livable wages.

American Graduate: WorkForce West Virginia

American Graduate, Getting to Work, a project of West Virginia Public Broadcasting takes a look at apprenticeship programs around the state. Workforce West Virginia is a clearing house for all things employment and training related.

American Graduate: WV Laborers Training Center

The West Virginia Laborers' Training Center has apprenticeship programs for students from all over West Virginia.

Lineman Training - Learn and Earn

Begin earning a wage while you are still learning a job.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Businesses Need Workers Now

Listen to a business leader talk about the importance of fostering skilled workers.

Workforce West Virginia
West Virginia Community Technical College System
Robert C Byrd Institute
Affiliated Construction Trades