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2022 PBS Writers Contest Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 PBS Writers Contest winners! Explore the stories below.

2022 Reader's Choice

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

WVPB 2022 Reader's Choice: How To Cook For An Enemy by Miriam Fitts

West Virginia Public Broadcasting is proud to announce the winner of the 2022 Reader’s Choice Award for this year’s PBS Writers Contest: “How To Cook For An Enemy” by 5th grader Miriam Fitts. 🎉

Every year, WVPB picks one story out of all the submissions to win the Reader’s Choice Award. That story is either animated or adapted into a live action short. 

Fifth Grade

Fourth Grade

Third Grade

Second Grade

first place

Twinkle And Owly The Owlet: Adventure to the Water Planet

by Serin Jeong

third place

A Day in the Life of Two Spoiled Cats

by Parker Zarzycki

First Grade

first place

Princess Chocolate Milk and Milkshake's Adventure

by Carly Lou Witt