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What WVPB Education Offers the Mountain State

Inquire Within

Inquire Within

Our partnership with neighborhood libraries for family-centered activities.

Energy Express

Summer reading program hosted by Joel Brown. Watch on the WVPB channel Mon-Fri at 9:00am.

2021 Writers Contest

Check out the incredible talent of these young WV authors from the 2021 Writers Contest!

WVPB Education Staff

We Value Education 

WVPB Education staff make up a diverse range of educational experience, knowledge and passion.  Kelly spent 17 years as an Elementary School Teacher; Harrison is currently an Adjunct Faculty Instructor with Midway University and has teaching experience with 6-12th grade; Margaret spent 28 years teaching 7-12th grade.  Kelly, Harrison, and Margaret all know the importance of education and the change it can bring to someone's life.  WVPB Education has resources for:

  • Libraries/Youth Groups
  • K-12th grade
  • Career Readiness
  • Professional Development


WVPB Education offers the following programs and more:

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National Recognition

WVPB has won a national award for community engagement from the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), which honors public media achievements nationwide. The award was presented during its 2021 NETA Conference and CPB (Corporation for Public Broadcasting) Public Media Thought Leader Forum.  The Community Engagement National Project Award was presented to WVPB virtually during The 52nd Annual Public Media Awards (PMAs). The winning initiative was a statewide education outreach program targeting early readers. WVPB employees, friends, and volunteers – 200 people total – took one day, November 7, 2019, to read the same book to children in all 55 counties in West Virginia.

Watch the Video that Won An Award!

Read For The Record 

WVPB partners with Jumpstart for the Read For the Record day. WVPB's goal is to have community engagement throughout the state of West Virginia by having at least one reading location in each of the 55 counties when the event starts.  Read For The Record is an annual event occurring each Fall that aims to do the following among other things:

  • Increase awareness of the importance of early literacy
  • Make book accessible to children

Books selected for the event foster language and social-emotional engagement, honors diversity, and has a strong narrative that appeals to children.  We value this partnership with Jumpstart and the community engagement that it provides the Mountain State!

PBS Kids Resources 


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PBS Kids

PBS Kids

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